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Review – The Sixty Minute Family; Rob Parsons

Rob Parsons is the consummate, inspirational communicator.  His books – read easily in 60 minutes – have always managed to stir my emotions through their witty and engaging anecdotes. His writing appeals to so many due to Rob’s warmth and honesty.

This latest title fairly zips through the various aspects of family life. Its value lies in the sheer breadth of material covering early parenting through to the ‘sandwich generation’ – when the roles of children and their parents reverse. 

Rob states that the most important priority for the family is ‘time’ and that it is this and ‘affirmation’ that actually make families work. Hopefully, my family won’t be holding up my score cards at this point – not sure I’d do that well.

The chapter ‘To learn to love in January’ is particularly helpful. It sensitively covers the acceptance of difficult relationship outcomes and of family breakdown.  Rob is especially forthright as he deals with ‘the ability of the affair to decimate families’. 

The ‘end of chapter’ action points are useful and allow for a careful reflection of the issues raised. Overall, this is vintage Parsons.


Rob Parsons

2010     121pp

Lion Hudson plc

ISBN 978-0-7459-5383-0

Note – This book was provided FOC by Clem Jackson, Editor of Christian Marketplace magazine for the purpose of writing this review. Further details can be found at http://www.christianmarketplace.org.uk. You can download a free copy of the digital version of the magazine from the website.

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