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Review – Finding Sanctuary; Abbot Christopher Jamison

This has become one of my favourite books. I just love the way that Christian monks, seemingly shut away from contemporary society, can be so engagingly relevant for today.

A few years ago, 3 million viewers to BBC TV’s The Monastery watched  and listened to Abbot Christopher Jamison’s engaging approach to life and faith. This wisdom is further underlined here in this absorbing book of the seven Benedictine ‘steps’.

The section ‘How did I get this busy?’ alone makes the book worth reading. This penetrating insight into our consumerist lifestyles shows that someone who has dedicated his life to pray and meditate is able to comment far more compellingly than those of us caught up in the frenetic scramble of life.

This beautifully produced hardback book – it’s a delight to handle – is sprinkled with website links, and lists many other interesting titles.  Read it slowly; the writing is perceptive and full of spiritual truth. It deals with disciplines with which evangelical Christians can be sadly neglectful.

Note – a paperback edition is also available (but doesn’t feel quite the same!).

FINDING SANCTUARY: Monastic Steps for Everyday Life

Abbot Christopher Jamison

Weidenfeld and Nicholson

ISBN: 0 297 85132  2

182pp :  2006:  Hardback

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